Quality Auditing Solutions, LLC was recently serving a client in Maryland. I generally start my day with a morning run, it helps me physically and mentally prepare for the day ahead. On this particular morning run, I mapped a route that would take me around a boat launch area of the Chesapeake Bay. Halfway into my run I paused at this spot to reflect on the beautify sunrise. It also made me think about the history of this ship and what the maiden voyage must have been like.

Quality Auditing Solutions, LLC’s maiden voyage was almost exactly one year prior to me writing this post. It was scary and exciting at the same time, but definitely worth “setting sail”!
If your organization is thinking about “setting sail” to introduce a new management system standard or taking on a new project to improve your business, QAS is here to support you in that voyage. We’d love to “set sail” with you! Contact QAS today for an initial conversation and see how QAS will exceed your expectations!