The ISO 9001 standard is periodically reviewed and updated to keep it relevant with new or updated requirements and emerging technologies.  In 2020, a web-based worldwide user survey was completed to understand the current and future needs of users of the standard.  By a slim margin, users voted “confirming” instead of for “revision” of the standard. The chart below was provided by ISO/TC 176/SC 2/TG 5 “Preparing for a potential revision of ISO 9001  (1) and summarizes the vote outcome in the ISO 9001 User Survey 2020.

Then, in 2023, another Technical Group was assembled and another study was completed.  In August of 2023, ISO TC176 SC2 ballot results were returned and indicated a majority vote (2) for “revision” of ISO 9001.
This brings us to Wednesday January 24,2024, ISO/TC176/SC2 released the news (3) of the Working Group beginning the update of ISO 9001.  The revision process is expected to take 2 years, the standard will be assessed for applicability of current requirements and emerging technologies, etc. It is likely that the revised standard will be released in 2026….ISO 9001:2026.  Organizations that are currently certified to ISO 9001:2015 will have a three-year transition period to meet the requirements of the revised standard.
While the update details won’t be known for several years, emerging topics that could be included in ISO 9001:2026 might be…
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Expansion of Customer Focus / Satisfaction
  • Increased requirements for Risk Based Thinking
  • Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

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